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Tags are currently used to segment your customer list based on any keyword term fitting your campaign.

Adding Tags to Customers

You'll want to look at the right side of the customer profile for the blue link Tags and select it. Next, you'll want to type in your tag keyword term and hit the Enter Key to save it.

Adding tags to locations

You also have the ability to add tags to specific locations on a customer's account. This is great for commercial accounts or customer's with multiple properties. You can add location tags by open the customer's account > Edit Customer > Click the location name > Then, the 'Edit Location' window should appear.

Adding Tags from the mobile app

Open the customer's account, then click on the 3 dots in the upper right to Edit Customer.

Then, click on Tags to apply tags to the customer.

From there, you can apply tags to the customer's account.

Filtering Customers with Tags

Now head over to your customer list and check out the Tags+ filter. Filter and export segments of your customer base.

Note: We recommend using mailchimp.com or madmimi.com for email marketing.

Tags are used in some of the reports as well. The following reports can be found within the 'Reports' tab.

Service Lookup Report

Revenue by Tag

Edit and Delete Tags

In the settings tab of your GorillaDesk account, you will have the option to edit and delete tags. This will apply to active location and customer tags.

To edit a tag, click on the tag name, make any adjustments, then click 'Save Changes'.

To delete a tag, check the box to the left of that tag and click 'Delete' in the upper left corner.

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