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Sketch is a simple drawing tool with all the options you need to complete diagrams, inspections, reports, and more in the field.

You can access the Sketch feature if the document that you are using has a graph area.

If your document does not have a graph section, you can add the Plain Graph document in your library.

To add the Plain Graph document, go to Settings > Documents > Browse existing library > Activate Plain Graph then SAVE

Once you have this added to your library, add this document on any job by using the + button next to Documents on your mobile app, then add the Plain Graph document.

When accessing any image or graph in your app, you'll have the ability to choose Sketch as an option.

If you wish to add a graph to your custom document. GorillaDesk can add it right into your document. Ask us about our custom document services.

NOTE: Sketch is only available in the mobile and iPad App version and is not available on the website / desktop version. This is part of the Pro Plan and is not available in the Basic plan.

Once you open Sketch, you'll have quite a few options to make your graph come to life.

Text: Add text onto your canvas.
Image: Upload an image to the background of your canvas.

Shapes: Choose between various shapes and customization.
Lines: Choose between various lines and customization.
Line Color: Choose the line color of your drawings.
Fill Color: Choose the filled color of your drawings.
Objects: View each drawing on your graph in a separate window, so you can easily select your individual drawings to make any adjustments.
Grid: Enable this to display the grid on your canvas.
Opacity: Choose the transparency of your drawings.
Line Weight: Choose the weight/thickness of your lines.

There is also some additional functionality with the above your canvas.

Undo: Undo changes to your last action.
Re-do: Access your object after using the undo action.

Move: Enable this to give yourself the ability to drag and move your drawings on the canvas.
Layers: Easily select specific objects or text you've added to your graph.

Edit Canvas: Enable/disable grid, snap to grid, zoom, background color, and background image.

You can use the Snap to Grid function, to make sure that your lines are aligned to the graph lines.

  1. Click the edit canvas button.

  2. Enable Grid and Snap to Grid

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