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Time Windows
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The Time Windows add-on gives you the ability to add a time frame to any job calendar event. This feature will allow you to communicate to your customers and technicians a window of time instead of an exact time for the job.


A custom time window field [::time_window::] will become available in your email and SMS templates to communicate time windows to your customers.

This feature is only available in the Pro plan on GorillaDesk Version 3.

To activate, go to Settings > Addons > Time Windows

Setup Step 1: Customizing your Time Window templates

These templates will appear as preloaded selections when editing your job's time window.

Template times must be unique and can not overlap.

Note: It's best to create 1 set of time windows for the day like in our example below. Do not create separate templates for services as this will not work because you can not overlap template times in the setup.


Setup Step 2: (Optional Power Up) Using the Sticky Templates

If any job is assigned to a template, and the job is moved, Sticky Templates will automatically apply the correct template based on the job's start time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All power-up feature is only effective in V3. To ensure its functionality, kindly perform route movements, batch movements, or optimization using V3.

Example: If the time window is set to the above example custom templates, moving the job to 9:00 AM will automatically adjust the time window to the 8am-10am template. Moving a job to 2:00 PM on the calendar or with the router will automatically adjust the time window to the 2pm-7pm template.

Note: If you leave Sticky templates off, you will have to manually assign the correct template to each Active job individually.

​This feature only affects jobs with custom templates, and it does not affect jobs with fixed-time time windows and anytime time windows.


Setup Step 3: (Optional Power Up) Template Global Override

Activating this will override the time window of ALL of your active job based on the job start time and its corresponding template.

Example: All the job that starts at 8:00 will be assigned to a time window template 8am-10am. All active jobs that start at 12pm will be assigned to a time window template 12pm-2pm.

This feature will also automatically assign the time window to every new job.

Example: You created a job that starts at 11 AM, the time window will automatically be set to 10am-12pm.


Adding a Time Window to your job

After activating the time window add-on, you can now add a time window to your job.
To set a time window, open your job and click the gear icon beside the time window.

From here you can see the following:

  1. As a reference, the job's actual time on your calendar is displayed at the top of the modal.

  2. Add a Time Window - These time windows pull from the preset custom templates you created for your add-on and are completely customizable.

    1. (Note: the sticky time window power-up will only work for jobs with this option selected.)

  3. Assign a Fixed Time - Set a custom fixed time unique to this job.

  4. Anytime - Anytime is based on your company's daily office hours.


Time window previews on your calendar

When you click on a job, a green background border will show up to show you the time window assigned to the job.


Displaying the Time Window variable on your calendar tiles

Go to Settings > Tiles and select the Time Window variable to display the time window text on your calendar tiles.

This will also show up on your mobile app calendar tiles.


Using Time Windows in your E-mail and SMS communication

Go to Settings > Email and SMS and open any system or custom email template where you want the time window displayed instead of the calendar time.

Change the time variable into the time window variable.

Note: By default when you turn on the Time Windows add-on the system will update this variable for you automatically.

The confirmation and reminder landing page will also show your customer the time window instead of the job calendar time.


Time Window warnings on your calendar

For cases where your job start time is not landing within your time window, a time window alert icon will show up in your calendar tile to give you a warning.

Example: You set a fixed time window at 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM, but your job start time is at 10:30 AM.


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