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Activating Stripe and/or Square (Optional)
Activating Stripe and/or Square (Optional)
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These Addons are free and included in your subscription.

GorillaDesk currently integrates with 2 major credit card processors which are Stripe and Square.

Supported Countries:

Stripe Fees: 2.9% + 30 cents per successful charge. No set-up fees, no monthly fees, no card storage fees, and no hidden costs; you only get charged when you earn money.

Stripe Transfers: Earnings are transferred to your bank account in 48 hours.

To learn more about Stripe please Access Stripe Support

Benefits of Integrating Stripe with GorillaDesk

  • Store 1 credit on file for each customer for future use.

  • Embedding payment links in outgoing invoice/statement emails for customers to pay balances online.

  • Automated late payment reminders with payment links will automatically collect on your behalf.

What if I decide to leave Stripe? Can I export Card Data?

From Stripe:

We’re pretty zealous about data portability: we’ll try to keep you with us by offering a better product than all of our competitors, but we won’t keep you by locking you in. (We’re programmers at heart, and we believe in open systems and a level playing field.) If you decide to leave Stripe for somebody else (sniff!) we’ll help you migrate your credit card data in a secure and PCI-compliant way.

We divide data into two categories—that covered by PCI requirements (e.g. raw card numbers), and everything else. The “everything else” is easy—you’re welcome to pull that information at any time via our API, nothing more is required.

For the PCI-covered data, you would just need to let us know the PCI-compliant provider to which data should be transferred. Email us and we’ll get to work right away on a secure hand-off.

And no, there’s no fee associated with this export.

Click here to learn how to save a credit card on a customer's account using Stripe.

How to Setup Stripe

1.) Start by going to Add-ons / Stripe and create your Stripe Account

2.) Place the Stripe Payment Link email variable into the following email templates:

  • Invoice

  • Statement

  • Late Payment Reminders

This will add a Pay Online button to your emails. Once the customer pays online the invoice and payment are automatically updated in GorillaDesk.

To monitor your transactions more closely, log into your account and see the payments logged in the Stripe merchant dashboard.

3.) With the Stripe account created, you'll now have the option to add and save one credit card per customer profile.

NOTE: If you would like your funds transferred from Stripe into your bank account within 24-48 hours, it is very important to make sure you have set your payout schedule to be 'Automatic Every Day'.

  • Open your Stripe account

  • Navigate to Balance

  • Then, select 'Settings'

  • Set your Payout Schedule to be Automatic every day

  • Click 'Save'


Getting Started: Connecting with Square

To get started using Square with GorillaDesk you'll first need to add your Square API key.

Here are the directions to locate your API key.

  1. First log into your Square account on your desktop.

  2. Next, navigate to your Locations: Here is a quick link to get there

  3. Next, click on your location listing to open it.

  4. You'll find your API key in the URL at the top of the browser.

5. Copy the code that comes after "locations/"
6. Paste this code into your GorillaDesk Square settings and save.

Congrats you can now start accepting payments with Square.


Setting Up Square Mobile

To use Square with GorillaDesk you must have the Square app installed on your device as well.

IMPORTANT installation instructions:

  1. After installing your Square app

  2. Go to Settings and select Singature and Receipt

  3. Turn ON the Skip Receipt Screen

Click here to learn how to save a credit card on a customer's account using Square.


Current Version

With the current version, you can store credit cards on file, and once activated, you'll also have access to a payment method called Square API.

With the GorillaDesk Mobile application, you'll be able to select this payment method to process payments using Square card readers in the field.

When a successful payment is processed with the Square API method, make sure to select New Sale in the upper left corner of your Square account.

GorillaDesk will automatically add the payment and update the invoice.


What are Square's Fees?

Square's rate is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for Card not Present CNP transactions. This applies to online payments and running a payment against a card saved on file.

Square's rate when accepting payments in the field using Square's hardware is 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction.


Which Square Card Readers are compatible and where can I get them?

There are two hardware options you can get directly from Square that your GorillaDesk app is compatible with:

  1. Contactless Chip Reader $49 >> (note this package also includes an additional small Free reader as well)

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