When a GrabMe use needs something bought and delivered, then create a new request. This request gathers a handful of information, like: name of the product(s) needed, where you need them from, how much they should cost, how much you are willing to pay to have them delivered, where you need them delivered, how you will pay for delivery, when you need it, etc.

Other GrabMe users already near the location(s) you need the product(s) will receive this request, and can decide if the amount you are offering to pay them to buy and deliver it is worth their time.

If so, they will mark the request as “Grabbing”. From their, they will buy the product(s), and mark the request as “Purchased”. Once they deliver the product(s), they will mark the request as “Delivered”. From here, it is up to the requester to accept the delivery and mark the request as “Grabbed”.

At this point the payment method on the request will be charged, and a transfer the for amount owed to the grabber schedule to be paid to them.

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