In a couple of big ways. First, GrabMe’s goal is transform everyday shoppers into on-demand deliverers (e.g. grabbers). Thereby blurring the lines between requester/deliverer. We believe this exponentially increases the availability of local products to those who need them, and helps foster a greater sense of community.

We do this by targeting delivery requests to those users who are already at, or near, the places users need products from. This makes it both more convenient for the requester, and the grabber.

Second, for those who deliver with GrabMe, the money they can make is completely transparent. We do not keep any of the money offered for delivery. So when someone says they will pay $10.00 to have their bread and milk delivered, that is exactly what the grabber delivering will make (plus the amount of the bread and milk of course). This allows grabbers to immediately know whether or not the delivery is worth their time.

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