GrabMe only charges the user making the request, a flat 15% fee on the purchase price of the product(s) being delivered. The amount the requester want to pay to have it delivered is up to them. The more money offered for delivery, the more likely someone is to accept the request.

Example: a request is made for bread and milk, and the requester is offering $10 to have it delivered, and they say the bread and milk should cost no more than $7.00.

GrabMe charges the requester: $7 + $1.05 (our fee) + $10, for a total of $18.05. As well, should the requester offer an extra tip, that amount is simply added to the total. So with a tip, the requester would be charged: $7 + $1.05 (our fee) + $10 + $3, for a total of $21.05.

GrabMe pays the grabber: $7 (cost of bread and milk) + $10, for a total of $17.00. As well, were an extra tip of $3 given at the completion of the delivery, the total paid to the grabber would then become $20.

If this still isn’t clear, or your have any questions, please reach out to use at

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