GrabMe is the first on-demand delivery service that, not only delivers everything, but does so by turning every day local shoppers into on-demand deliverers.

If you think about it, almost anything you need could be bought and delivered by someone who is already at, or near, the place(s) you need it from.

GrabMe capitalizes on this by connecting users and allowing them to either make requests for things they need, or buy and deliver these things for others. Better still, GrabMe let’s users put a price on how much this is worth to them.

How much is it worth to have someone else buy and deliver that missing ingredient for dinner, or that extra pack of diapers? Maybe you are in the middle of a diy project, like painting your room, when you realize you are going to run out of paint. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay a little money and have someone else buy and deliver that for you? So by the time you need more paint, it will be at your door waiting.

On the other hand, maybe you are already at the grocery or hardware store? How much is it worth for you to buy and deliver some extra items for others?

Time is valuable. It is the one thing you can’t buy more of. With GrabMe, you kind of can! You decide how much your time is worth. Focus on your, and let GrabMe focus on the things you need.

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