• Each month you stay as a member of Grace Space you get 50 credits.
  • You can use credits to unlock advanced Grace Space courses under the Library.
  • Why do we do that? So that you can focus on 1 advanced course at a time! Each advanced course builds upon the prior day and it's very important to finish the course you've started! Mixing multiple topics could hinder your progress and the credit system was a perfect way for you to control which advanced course you want to focus on!
  • In the meantime, if you do want to explore other topics you can check out the Secret Video Archives and follow along some of Grace's sessions on specific topics. Also, under the Library, you have the 3 Minute and 10 Minute Relaxation tracks, 4 Steps to Mental Freedom video series, Grace in Your Pocket, Wake Up with Grace, and Think Happy programs already available.
  • If you REALLY need to access other advanced courses, you can always purchase additional credits to skip the wait: http://my.gracespace.co/add-more-credits/

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