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How do I apply for a short sale?
How do I apply for a short sale?

This article explains what documentation is needed, and where it should be sent, to apply for a short sale.

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To apply for this solution, you must provide copies of the following documents. Please note, this option is not available for mortgages with property located in Nevada.

  • Sales contract

  • Estimated HUD-1/Closing Disclosure

  • Listing agreement

  • Copy of all recorded judgments or liens attached to the property, including mechanic’s liens for home improvement (if applicable)

  • Most recent HOA statement, including a breakdown of all fees and costs, if funds are to be advanced through the short sale

  • Signed Third Party Authorization for anyone assisting you with this process (your realtor, for example)

  • Interior Broker's Price Opinion (Required for all short sales)

  • Copies of any construction liens for home improvement


Send the documents by one of the following methods:

What happens next?

A single point of contact will be assigned to your account and will reach out to you to discuss required next steps such as gaining access to the property to determine the current market value of the home.

Other sources of assistance

For additional help exploring options to manage the account, the federal government provides contact information for housing counselors located close to you, whom you can select by visiting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website at or by visiting the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website at or by calling the HUD Housing Counselor Hotline toll-free at 800.569.4287. A housing counselor can help you with household budgeting to manage mortgage loan payments and can also help you understand our loss mitigation programs and the range of foreclosure prevention options.

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