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How do I register my online account?
How do I register my online account?

Answers to your questions regarding registering your online account.

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How do I register?

Visit to get started.

What information do I need to register my online account?

We will ask you for specific information to validate your identity before you can use the enhanced website. This allows us to create a secure environment in which you may transact business on our upgraded website.

Will I be able to make one-time payments online?

Absolutely. You can link your bank account and choose your payment date at your convenience. Gregory Funding partners with Plaid to securely connect your bank account to our platform. You can learn more about Plaid here: What is Plaid?

If I submit a one-time payment that is dated the same day, when will it process?

Immediately upon submission of a same-day one-time payment made online or through a Customer Service representative, it will be processed and cannot be modified.

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