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Upgraded Gregory Website
Upgraded Gregory Website
Answers to your questions regarding our upgraded website
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Gregory Funding is excited to announce that our upgraded website is now available to use! You may have questions about the enhancements to our website and how they will affect your experiences. We are here to guide you through this transition and provide you with any information you may need.

How do I register?

Visit and click the first box titled 'Register your online account'.

Can I use my login credentials from the old site to login to the upgraded website?

No. If you have not registered on the upgraded website, you must register with new login credentials in order to log in and access your mortgage online. Your previous login credentials will not work on this website.

What information do I need to register my account on the upgraded website?

We will ask you for specific information to validate your identity before you can use the enhanced website. This allows us to create a secure environment in which you may transact business on our upgraded website.

Did you take down the old borrower payment portal?

Yes. To continue making payments through the Gregory website, you must register on our website.

What if I am already set up for recurring ACH payments?

If you sign up for Autopay on our upgraded website, your pre-existing ACH payment program will be canceled automatically. Our new Autopay will allow you to select specified terms and make changes with a click of a button at any time.

If you do nothing, your monthly payments will continue to be processed each month automatically until you cancel or signup for Autopay on our upgraded website.

How can I opt in for paperless statements on the upgraded website?

If you previously opted in to receive your documents digitally, you won't need to do anything further. After we migrate your account to the upgraded website, you will continue to receive your communications digitally. This ensures you always receive an email notification when new communications are available for viewing.

If you have yet to opt-in for paperless communications, when you migrate your account, you will be prompted to do so. While not mandatory, opting in ensures you always receive an email notification when new communications are available for viewing.

Will my previous ACH payment activity and documents appear on the upgraded website?

Absolutely. You will now have access to your important documents and be able to view any payments made online. Please note that payments made by mail or in person will not appear on the website. However, we are always happy to provide you with a complete pay history upon request.

Will I still be able to make one-time payments online?

Absolutely. You can link your bank account and choose your payment date at your convenience. Gregory Funding partners with Plaid to securely connect your bank account to our platform. You can learn more about Plaid here: What is Plaid?

If I submit a one-time payment that is dated the same day, when will it process?

Immediately upon submission of a same-day one-time payment made online or through a Customer Service representative, it will be processed and cannot be modified.

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