White-Label as a solution for re-sellers, allows Gridle application users to re-brand the Gridle product with their name, logo and domain, and sell its workspaces to their business clients.

The following details the steps to create and access the white-label application in Gridle -

  1. Any user who wishes to use Gridle white-label needs to be an existing Gridle user.
  2. For accessing the white-label solution, navigate to Settings >> Billing. Here apply the coupons (as per the plan you prefer) for accessing the white-label plan.
  3. Upon successful coupon application, system will auto-create the white-label application. You can access the white-label application via 'Manage your apps'.

4. You will be directed to White-label Console >> Settings for your white-label application. Here you can set the Domain, Email , Branding and Custom Scripts for your white-label application.

5. Upon successful setup, create workspaces and invite workspace owner.

a. Navigate to 'Workspaces'

Else, click on 'Click to invite people' on the right navigation bar 'App Setup Progress'.

It guides the user by simplifying the steps to be followed so as to complete the application setup process.

b. Click on 'Add A Workspace'.

c. Enter the 'Workspace name', the workspace 'Owner's email address' and click on 'Add The Workspace'

6. Upon accepting the invite, the invitee will be able to access the white-label application. 

Here he would be able to start building his own team and will be able to create leads/customers/proposals/invoices for managing his business.

That's all about white-labeling for now!

Happy Gridling :)

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