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Understanding Onboarding Queue
Understanding Onboarding Queue
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Onboarding is a prime opportunity for employers to win the hearts and minds of new employees. It defines the first impression new hires have of the company, which is something that will continue to stay with them for the entire duration of their careers. Therefore, it is highly recommended for employers to start engaging with new hires as early on as the moment the offer is accepted.

However, every so often, a hired candidate is left lost and feeling neglected when the key contact point is transitioning from the busy recruiter to the not-knowing onboarding staff. That is when having a list to keep track of all the new hires that need to have their onboarding process initiated becomes extremely useful.

Onboarding Queue is a list of employees whose Employee Status is Onboarding and are yet to be assigned a checklist.

Even before the new hires step in, you can send them the forms to be filled or documents to be signed and then follow up with gentle reminders.


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