We champion the sharing economy at Grow It Local, and understand that not everyone is here to monetise their produce, products or services - and that is awesome too! You may have surplus produce that you don’t want to go to waste, seedlings that need a new home or an overflowing compost bin that you're happy to donate. Perhaps your community garden has a newly available allotment. You'll disable the payment process when you:

  • List free products and produce
  • List an event, class or workshop as a free experience
  • List space for growers to use as free space to grow
  • List food waste as giving away food waste
  • List compost as sharing compost for free

What to know when the payment process is disabled:

  • Users won't be able to pay each other during the transaction.
  • No fees will be take from the transaction.
  • Transactions will operate through basic conversations, agreement and arrangement between users.
  • Reviewing the buyer/seller is not available.

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