When can I make a dispute? 

As a buyer, you can dispute a paid transaction after the transaction request has been approved and before it is marked as “completed”. The dispute feature allows you to clearly communicate to the seller or provider that you are not happy with the way the transaction has been handled. For the seller, it allows a chance to resolve the matter and avoid a refund.  


  • Disputing a transaction is not the same as requesting a refund.
  • When a transaction is disputed the status of the transaction changes to canceled.
  • Both users can still review each other after a dispute.
  • The funds will still be transferred to the seller (unless a refund is made) but there will now be a delay. Funds will be released to the seller 85 days from when the the transaction was accepted.

If a transaction is disputed, it is up to the seller to try to resolve the matter but remember, the Grow It Local team will always be available to help. In fact, we encourage you to contact us regarding disputes.

If the dispute does not get resolved, the buyer may request a refund which will be released to them by Grow It Local, not the seller. 

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