Here at Growave you can translate specific phrases from your Shopify website into the language of your choice, or edit any default copy to better suit your brand’s voice. For that please go to the Language Editor section from our Dashboard:

There you can see all the changeable phrases and their values, change them boldly in a way you like it! And if you are looking for a specific phrase, please use the search field:

We are glad to announce that Growave now supports Multilanguage functionality and it includes the following languages:

1) English

2) Japanese

3) Simplified Chinese

4) Spanish

5) Italian

Please refer to the following guide on how to set up this new feature:

  1. Change the language from the Shopify admin -> Settings -> Language -> Add additional language:

2. Publish the languages that you want to show. After that, on the storefront, a selection of languages will appear and when you change the language, our widgets will be automatically translated.

You are able to turn the language selector shown in the screenshot below in Shopify admin -> Theme -> Customize -> Footer -> Language selector.

Note: if the additional language is one of the Languages that our app doesn't support - then the widgets will be translated into English by default. In this case, you are able to go to the Language editor and translate the text manually.

Moreover, if you do not see the published languages and no selector appears at the bottom, please do the following steps:

  1. Go to Shopify admin > Settings > select a marketplace and click on Manage next to that marketplace:

  2. Then click on Manage in "Domains and languages" and at the bottom in the Languages block select all the languages you want:

If you have any questions regarding the Language Editor or Multilanguage functionality then feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to assist you. 😊

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