What is Social Login?

Social Login improves the shopping experience by enabling one-click signup and login on your Shopify site. Customers can use their Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other social media accounts. No need to remember another password.

After completing the onboarding process, you may customize the app further in the admin dashboard and have a look at the settings.

Redirect users after login to any page of the store

It's possible to assign a page to which the users will be redirected after logging in to the store:

Require accepting terms of use

You may set up to require accepting terms of us and insert the link to the Terms of Use page to the login pop-ups:

Members section

Know more about your customers from their profiles with full information (age, location, contact details), interests (viewed added to the Wishlist, and purchased items), behaviors (when they usually browse your store and make a purchase). You may easily access these data from the Members section of the Social login app:

Find the users by their emails or names, sort them by date of birth or existing points.

You may also edit their points balance, see recent activity, assign VIP tiers or redeem their points for discounts, and many more.

NOTION: The Social Login app cannot be disabled or turned on again from the admin dashboard as other apps do. However, if you wouldn't like to use social login buttons on the store you may simply disable Social networks by clicking on them here:

The Social Login feature unlocks a lot of powerful features. Below you can learn more about them:
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