Google cloud platform enables social login and social sharing for Google users. If you have already created Google cloud APP for your online store then re-check this guide to make sure that everything is correctly configured.

1) Open and click on "Create Project" button.

2) On the following page type your shop name and click on "Create" button:

3) Open the sidebar menu and click on "APIs & Services" section → Credentials

4) Click on the "CREATE CREDENTIALS" button. In the options choose "API key"

5) API key is created. You will see a pop-up, you can close it or click on the "Restrict key" button

6) Then go to the "APIs and Services" section and choose "Credential" options. On the page click on the "Create credentials" and choose "OAuth Client ID":

7. In the next step choose Application type as "Web application", fill in the name of the application. Then type your online store domain in Authorized Javascript origins field. For example, if your site name is "" then type the following addresses:

If you have the custom domain name(for example, then use it:

In order to configure Authorized Redirection URLs please add to the ending "/oauth2callback"

Then you will be able to copy Client ID:

8) Go to Growave admin panel -

Fulfill "Google Client ID" text field and click the "Save Changes" button.

If you face any problems then feel free to contact us -

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