First off, let's find these emails in Growave's dashboard > Reviews > Review emails. So there you can adjust the Review Request emails as you want.

There you will see two options on how to adjust the design: Widgets and Styles.


Widgets are the body of emails. The template consists of three of them: Header, Content, Footer.

You can change the placement of any of them and edit the text inside ("edit" and "move" buttons will appear once you hover on the widget):


You can adjust the style of every widget and body background. The logo can also be added there. And there is a convenient preview for desktop and mobile versions:

As for the text, if you hover on one of the widgets, the Edit button will appear on the right corner, by clicking which you will see the following: 

On the right side, you can boldly edit the text, just like you wish.

Also, the text can be edited visually or with HTML editor as it is highlighted on the screenshot above. And all the texts from widgets can be edited altogether by clicking on the Plain text button.

Shop owners can send three Review Request emails in general. The campaign stops sending these emails to the customer who has left the review.

Note: please remember that the changes made in one template will affect all the rest.

If this article inspires any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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