If customers add certain products to their wishlists, it means they are interested in them. You can use it to convert wishlists into sales by sending a series of personalized emails based on customers' wishings. All the Wishlist Reminders can be found here:

You can set up 4 types of automated emails:

All of them can easily be edited and you can see the statistics anytime. And here is a list of members who are about to receive an email at the "Queue" section. Also, you can delete members from there.

Types of the Wishlist reminders

1. Something you like is back in stock!

We will send this email when the product, that was initially sold out but still was added to the customer's wishlist, is back in stock.

2. Something you like will be sold out soon!
We will send an email when the product that customers saved in their Wishlist will be sold out soon.

3. Something you like is on sale!
We will send emails when the product that the customers saved in their Wishlist is on sale.

4. Series of emails about saved wishlist items (they help to reduce the wishlist abandon) like:

  • Your loved items are waiting for you

  • We are still holding your loved items for you

  • Hurry back while your items are still in stock

The «Your loved items are waiting for you» email is sent to guests only (users without an account on your store). Once the guest adds the product to the Wishlist and continues browsing through your site, the «Save my wishlist» pop-up appears. They can leave their email address to save their wishlist and receive the email. Also, to get other Wishlist reminders, guests have to subscribe to your Newsletter.

Note: In order for guests to add a product to the Wishlist, the «Disable for guest» feature in the Wishlist setting should be disabled.

As it's been mentioned before, these emails allow you to politely remind about customers' favorite items so they come back and make repeated purchases. You can make adjustments and remind them again with a certain discount offer. 

Follow several simple steps to configure them:

1. Go to the Emails section in the Wishlist app dashboard and activate the needed campaign: 

2. After activation, you only need to configure emails: add your logo, change content, add widgets, etc. In order to do that, click on the “Edit" button and start making changes:

That's it! Now the product will automatically send e-mail notifications. 

Here, we would like to mention that e-mails are sent only once for certain periods of time in order not to bother customers. Even if the customers have items from several campaigns, our platform checks it and sends the e-mail at an appropriate time.

If this article inspires any questions, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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