Here is a simple flowchart of how the integration works: 

Required apps: Shopify Flow app / Klaviyo / Growave (Enterprise Plan)

(NOTION: The integration is available on the Enterprise plan of Growave and only for the shops with the Shopify Plus plan.)

1) Please download Flows created by Growave here, export files, and import them to Flow app. Check this video to see how to do that.  

2) Go to Klaviyo APP > Account > Settings > API keys and copy public API key/Site ID Please check the following video.

3) Switch to Shopify Flow APP. Enable all SSW Flows and set the copied public API key/Site ID to each flow (repeat it for all other flows, that you've imported). Please check this video.

4) Bind Growave platform with Klaviyo app: go to Klaviyo App, create Private API Key, and copy it. Follow the steps on this video

5) Please go to Growave dashboard "Integration Page".

Enable Klaviyo & enter the copied Private API Key and save it. So Growave email templates are uploaded to Klaviyo App. Please check the following video

6) Create Klaviyo Flows. But before creating any flow you need trigger all(!) Growave Flow Triggers to initialize them in Klaviyo App. Please check the following video.    

7) As you see, you can select any email address in this case. Now you can see our triggers in Klaviyo App Metrics:

8) Let's start creating Flows in Klaviyo: You can also create a folder "SSW" to store all Growave Flows. Please check the following video. It makes easy to search flows (video).

Select the related template for flow email as shown in the video. Repeat "Creating" steps for all triggers(!). Done!

In order to make sure if everything is set up properly, go to Growave's dashboard, indicate your email address, select one of the flows, and initiate triggering flows by submitting the form. If everything is set up in a proper way, you will receive an appropriate email.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. We'd love to help!

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