The Integration between Growave platform and Tobi app will let you send rather more automatic text messages for review request and wishlist reminders through Tobi app. It can create a new seamless shopping experience and greatly increase your customers’ trust and engagement. 

Tobi is the SMS and Facebook Messenger app for Shopify stores. It offers the largest range of Facebook messenger and SMS notifications on Shopify marketplace.
The app is designed to increase your sales by recovering abandoned carts, sending promotions or cross selling your products and it has an easy setup for sending promotions whenever you like, keep your customers informed about your latest cool arrivals, and push sales even when you are not on your site.

How to Get Started

1) Make sure the required platform and app to be installed:

2) Go to the admin panel of our platform and press one-click installation button. 

3) Click on the ‘edit messages’ button and start transforming existing automated emails for reviews and wishlist into the SMS notifications. No coding skills are required. All the settings for it are right there in the admin panel of our platform.

You can easily enable/disable Reviews/Wishlist reminders, edit the message, preview it and get your customers with the best text message.    

That's it!

Contact us if you have any further questions or need any assistance. 

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