Let your customers redeem the rewards for points they've earned for the on-site actions.

In this article you can find information about:

  • Fixed amount

  • Percentage discount

  • Free shipping

  • Flexible discount

  • Free product

  • Gift card

  • More options of the discount

There are 6 of them and you can choose which exact rewards to enable from all the offered ones here: Dashboard > Loyalty and Rewards > Points.

The rest of the actions can be found and added to the active ones from here.

How to set up the rewards?

Fixed amount

Fixed amount reward goes as a cache off. You can put any amount you wish and the customer will get this "money" after redeeming the reward

Also, you can choose if you want to apply the discount to all orders, selected collections, or selected products.

Percentage discount

Percentage discount works as a usual discount. Just the specified percentage is off from customers' total order's cost for doing the earning action.

Free shipping

Let your customers redeem a 'Free shipping' discount for points they have earned for on-site activities. Please check the following article to get a detailed explanation of how to set the Free Shipping Spending rule.

Flexible discount

It allows your customers to easily redeem the needed number of points and use them more actively. You can set both percentage and fixed amount discounts. This is how it looks and works for your customers:

You may set up a minimum or maximum value of the discount and set a points value for every percent or cache off:

Free product

This is a brand new feature that helps to redeem a free product for some amount of points. You may set up a discount name and click on the "Choose product" button to get started with the discount:

Then in the next pop-up, you may type the product name, choose the number of points to redeem, and the discount value:

Gift card

Now Growave allows creating Gift cards in exchange for points. Learn how to create and set up the reward in this guide.

By the way, customers see these rewards on a separate page or the tab:

The available rewards will have a discount code that can be copied and applied at the checkout. And the ones, to redeem which customers don't have enough points, will have a call to action button like "Earn points". By clicking on them, customers will be redirected to the "Earn points" section.

More options

Each discount has More options settings that allow:

1. Making the discount available only to users with a certain tag.

If you will add the tag to the customer in Shopify's "Customers" section then add the same in the Rewards setting then only these customers will be able to use the discount.

2. Requiring a minimum purchase.

Customers should make a purchase on the amount that you will set up in the settings and only after making a purchase for this amount they will be able to use the discount.

3. Applying to the entire order, selected products, or collections.

You are able to select certain products or collections on which the discount can be used.

4. Setting customer eligibility to everyone or selected groups of customers.

Allow only a particular group of customers to use a discount.

5. Defining discount expiration in days.

Set up after how many days the discount will be unavailable to use.

NOTE: The discount code that has already been redeemed, will not be disabled even if the spending rule is deleted or has altered eligibility. It will work according to the settings of the spending rule at the moment of redeeming.

That is it!  Hope it was clear and interesting :) If not, please contact us and we'll gladly help you with your requests and questions.

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