1. Redeeming points at the checkout (Shopify Plus). 

Customers can redeem points with 1 click. They don't have to go through complicated process of exchanging points. They can simply select points with assigned coupon code at the checkout. 

2. Custom Questions. 

Now you can ask different types of "customer" and "product" related questions. For example, customers can specify their age and rate the product's quality, fit, etc. So you can give hints for your buyes to leave a feedback. At the same time, you will let potential customers get to know your products better with detailed parameters.

3. Updated Reviews Tab and Slider.

A design of reviews widgets has been updated so that they would fit the overall design of our products. We really hope that it will also help you display your reviews in a more subtle way. 

4. Native Actions in Rewards (subscribe newsletter, complete profile, birthday reward).

A logic of some actions has been improved so that it would simple to earn points for some actions. Now your customers can fully take advantage of the loyalty program. For example, instead of going to the profile page to add their birthday, they can do it right on the tab. The same goes to subscribing to newsletter.

5. Growave API

Our API has been enhanced. Now it includes a support of our Instagram app along with Questions & Answers app. Here you can check out our updated API: https://growave.io/docs/api

6. Apps design section 

From now on, it' much easier to edit the color of buttons and widget. So you can fully customize them from the dashboard so that it would fit your brand’s design. 

Feel free to check updates and let us know if you have any questions! 

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