1. Refund settings in Rewards app

We have added an option to select several statuses of the order so that you could make a partial or full refund of points. You can easily set it up here.

* for now, it doesn't work with Punch card only, but this will be improved soon. 

2. Rewards - Shopify POS
We have implemented an integration with a new POS system. Now there is no need to go to a separate menu in order to redeem points for customers generated by our app. If the cutomer has enough points, then you will see available discounts. 

Then selected discount code will be applied automatically to the order.

3. Social Sharing emails
We have improved tracking of emails that were sent with our sharing campaigns. Now you will have a better vision of how our app is bringing a traffic to your store.
On top of it, we have improved design settings and fixed bugs. You can check updated sharing campaigns here.

4. Instagram stories
We have added Instagram stories to our galleries. If you have just started using our app, then it will be automatically enabled. Otherwise, you need to go to the gallery in the dashboard and enable it by clicking on "Edit" button on the menu. 

5. Dashbord
We have changed onboarding process to make it really easy to get started with Growave. Now you can select to which theme you want to install our app and you can attach needed files so that we could import data to our app.  

6. Reviews date
We have added an option to edit a posted date of reviews. So you can easily change dates of reviews if needed here in the dashboard.

If you have any questions related to the update, please feel free to get in touch: support@growave.io

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