1. Rewards Notifications

You can now drive more action at your online store with Growave’s new feature Rewards Notifications, by suggesting to redeem your customers’ rewards on the cart page. A pop-up notification will appear if there is an unused discount or if the customer has enough points to redeem a discount. When customers perform an action a notification about crediting points will also pop up. You can set up this feature here.

2. Analytics

We've also launched a new Analytics feature. It’s a separate section for viewing app statistics in order to help you to analyze your customers’ shopping behavior. This section will display general data on key features, also giving you the ability to view data for a specific period of time. You can check your rewards analytics here.

3. Rewards for Past Actions

Rewards for Past Actions feature was also updated. You can select the period of time to view customers' orders (for example 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or all-time) and reward them for their past actions. You can set up a place order rule and reward your customers according to the rule 1 point per $1 spent. Set up this feature here.

4. Spending Rules

We have improved Spending rules feature and you can now set up all the different options for the discount, not just choose 1 collection or a product. Check it out here.

5. Buy Certain Product

Buy certain product feature has been updated and now you can choose not only a product but also a whole collection. And it doesn’t matter how many products a customers has purchased from the collection, he will be rawarded once. Set it up here.

6. VIP Tiers

New update for VIP Tiers lets you manually reward tiers to each customer. And if the user has already received rewards for this exact tier, he will not get rewarded again for it. There will also be a note in the admin panel indicating that the tier has been changed by the admin. Set up VIP tiers for your customers here.

7. Other Features and Minor Updates

New page design for Wishlist.
We've added new Rewards Birthday Date format.
Update on a Referral program - new option not to reward the sender.
Improvement on actions - now actions can be completed up to 20 times.
New Activity details shown in the admin panel - you can see the link to order and order value details when you point your mouse's arrow.

You can check out all the updates on your dashboard here.

If you have any questions related to the update, please feel free to get in touch: support@growave.io

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