New Year 2020 has started with some new features and updates from Growave and here’s our January’s Roundup:

1. Rewards

There's now an ability to add points to your customers from a CSV file on your admin page, and you can also add points to several customers at once.

2. Shopify POS

Another great update for a lot of our clients is that Shopify POS is now available on Growth Plan too.

3. Product Page Widget

We’ve launched a Product Page Widget in Rewards - a widget that will show how many points a customer will earn by buying a certain product.

4. Reviews

On the Reviews page, we’ve added SEO optimization and Reviews Badge that will allow displaying the overall rating of the review, based on all the reviews of your shop.

5. Notification App Removal

Starting March 2020 we are planning to remove the Notifications app as we want to focus all of our attention on the development of important parts in our app and maximize its benefit for shopowners. Here is another option from Shopify Apps Store that can replace this app for free: 

Social Proof & Email Popup by Nextsale

6. Instagram

Now as you integrate your Instagram gallery you will be able to change all types of settings as layouts, columns and spaces, without the need to make another integration.

We’ve changed products tagging feature in our Instagram app, so you do not need to enter the full name of the product as an autocomplete will fill out the rest. Images in the gallery will be sorted by new or tagged images first out both in the admin panel and on the front of the your website.

7. Import Questions

We’ve also added Import Questions feature to the admin page.

You can check out all the updates on your dashboard here.

If you have any questions related to the update, please feel free to get in touch:

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