We are entering the Spring season with some new features and updates from Growave and here’s our February’s Roundup:

1. Rewards

Spending Points - now in the Customer Rewarded column, when pressing on a points number - a chart with purchased discounts will pop up, and it will have the following information - name, discount code, status, and date.

And there now will be 4 blocks in Reward Analytics - Points, Referral program, Members and VIP-tiers. Also, besides the chart that shows information for 7/30/90 days, we’ve added an activity chart with the list of customers and their actions, which you will able to filter by name and email.

2. Wishlists

For new users, Wishlist will show the onboarding process with the instructions on how to integrate a wishlist into their theme, and/or they will be able to send a request for integration. And if users have already interacted with a wishlist feature, analytics will be shown there. Overall there are going to be 3 blocks in Analytics - Summary (showing how many products were added to the wishlist by the users, guests, and how many emails from wishlist were sent in general), Chart (showing how many products are added to the wishlist for 30/60/90 days), Activity (showing who, what, and when added an item to the wishlist).

3. Automated Emails

Automated Emails will now show you the summary with emails sent/opened, and the revenue, and a list of automated emails related to the wishlist, which you can enable/pause from the same page.

You can check out all the updates on your dashboard here.

If you have any questions related to the update, please feel free to get in touch: support@growave.io

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