Reviews Integration with Google Shopping

Starting from March 2020, Growave enables our clients to integrate their reviews into Google Shopping using an XML Product Reviews Feed, to display ratings and photo reviews on Product Listing Ads. If you wish to sync your reviews data to Google Shopping please follow these instructions.

1. Check the site in accordance with Google’s Requirements

As you probably know, Google has pretty strict rules and guidelines regarding who can integrate reviews into Google Shopping and how the integration needs to be done. Here are the most important requirements:

1. You need to have more than 50 product reviews.
2. You have to sync all your reviews, even the ones with a low rating.
3. Your reviews must not violate copyrights, be offensive or spammy.

Growave will include all of the reviews that you will approve in the XML feed. We recommend you approving all of your reviews because if you will only approve 4 or 5-star reviews and hide low rating reviews, Google can reject the feed. We also recommend you adding public replies to address any negative feedback. And remember that Google manually reviews all of the submissions and can reject the integration at its discretion.

You can read Google’s full policy here.

2. Apply to the Google form

1. You need to log into your Google Merchant Center. In case if you don’t have an account yet, please sign up here.

2. Then apply for the product reviews feed integration by filling in Google’s Product Ratings Interest Form.

3. In the form, you will need to indicate the actual number of reviews on your site.

In order to get these statistics you need to go to the admin panel and in the side widget you can find all the needed data:

4. For the question "Do you currently collect product reviews on your site?", you need to select "Yes" and in the pop-up menu that appears, select "We collect and manage product reviews".

5. Further, for the question "If you use a third-party service, which service do you use?" select "Other" and in the field below specify Growave.

6. Next, you need to specify the distribution of your reviews by ratings, you can find this data in the widget that I described above in the 3rd point.

Then you will receive an email from Google which says that our company is not officially included in the list of review aggregators, but you can still integrate. You need to let them know that the XML file with the review data will be loaded. That's it :)

Please keep us posted on your luck. If you'll need any assistance with the above, please kindly contact us. We'll gladly help you!

3. Integrate your Growave reviews to Google Shopping

To proceed with this goal it's needed to follow the steps listed below:

1. You need to log into your Google Merchant Center.

2. Go to the Products - > Feeds section and click the "Add feed" button:

3. In the form that appears, you need to fill in all the fields according to the settings for your advertisement.

4. At the "Name" and "Input method" steps, you need to specify a name for the feed, which will be displayed in the panel listing, and select "Scheduled fetch":

5. At the "Setup" step, you need to go to our admin panel and generate the XML file according to the parameters of your shop:

GTIN and MPN - are global product identifications. We would recommend you to choose either "from Barcode" or "from SKU" since they are more unique identifications. And make sure it's valid in order to pass verification on Google end.

Prefix - you may set the prefix according to your location (country) or you can miss this field.

"Get XML schema" and "Copy link". There are two options to apply the file in the Google settings. To upload the file itself or paste the link. According to your preferences, you may download the file by pressing the “Get XML schema” button or copy the link.

The copied link can be pasted into any text editor or browser line. You need to copy the file name, it will look something like this:

And while in the "Setup" section, paste this name here:

6. Next, select a feed update rate as monthly.

7. In the last field, you need to specify the full URL of the file that was copied earlier in the admin panel of our app.

8. After the completed installation process, you can click "Fetch now" to start checking the file:

9. In order to check the status of your request, go to the "Diagnostics" section:

Please note that the checking time may take up to several days.

If you have any questions or run into any difficulties feel free to contact us anytime.

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