New hot Summer season comes with some new features and updates from Growave and here’s our May’s Roundup:

1. Free Product

Growave now enables the ability to give out free products to your customers in exchange for collected points. The admin can adjust the price, select a specific product option, and indicate how much it covers the cost of the product. Check this new feature out here.

2. Integration with Gorgias CRM

Growave can now display information about the reward program - the number of points, VIP Tier status, and how many referrals were brought. Also, the last review left by the user is displayed.

3. Disable Emails

New update lets the admin turn off sending out of the specific letters that he considers necessary and they won't be sent. This can be done in the editing emails section.

4. Review Request Test Email

Now when sending a test mail regarding the review request, the letter will display a random product from the shop, so the receiver knows that it's not a request to review the website.

5. Instagram Product Options Tagging

You can also now tag product options in our Instagram app when adding products to posts. Details will be displayed to the customer during detailed viewing including price.

In order to help you learn how to use our features more quickly, new links will now display updated information. The articles will be displayed in the popup right in the admin panel.

7. Active Theme

We've also added the ability to choose on which theme our files need to be uploaded, and also the ability to send an integration request from there right away. Now everything is in one place.

8. Wishlist Import

With this new update, you can now import wishlists from the admin panel by yourself. Check out this option here.

9. Giving Out Extra Points

Growave also added the ability to give additional points for a review with a photo.

You can check out all the updates on your dashboard here.

If you have any questions related to the update, please feel free to get in touch:

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