It's been quite a while since our last update, as we've been preparing some big-scale improvements for you. Here's a quick roundup of all of the updates:

Annual pricing option

Now you can save 20% on your current plan by opting for our newly-added annual subscription options. For more, click here.


Among our newest integrations, you'll be able to find such partners as:

  • Shop Sheriff. This AMP system (Accelerated Mobile Pages) allows you to accelerate the speed of your page load, which in the case of our integration will help you to improve the load time of your reviews page.

  • Omnisend. An email and SMS marketing app, Omnisend will help you to send all sorts of notifications from Growave to your customers. For information on how to integrate the app with us, click here.

  • Gem Pages and PageFly. These drag-and-drop page builders for Shopify will help you to easily customize your online store's interface. As a result, you'll be able to create a better user navigation system, drive your customer engagement, and more.

  • The4. A website design studio, The4 builds and customizes various Shopify themes for online stores. With this integration, you'll thus be able to ensure a seamless and smooth working process between your theme and your app. For more, click here.

Reviews Updates

  • Product and Site Reviews Statistics. Now you can see separate statistics for your Product and Site Reviews. For this, go to your Reviews App - Insights.

  • Minimum order value setting. With this feature, you can set a minimum order value that a customer has to get in order to receive an automatic review request.

  • Custom Forms. We've also added 2 new answer categories for your Custom Review Forms. Specifically, you can ask your customers open-ended questions now (Text field option) as well as allow them to select the answer in the Select box. This is how these will look like for your customers:

  • Deleted Customers. If your customer deletes their account, the review they left will now be turned to anonymous. You will also be able to assign that review to another customer via Reviews edit.

Referral Program Updates

  • Optional channel choice. With this feature, you can choose the specific social media or other channels that the customers will be able to use for the referral. We've also added Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp as 2 new channels for the referral program.

  • Custom domain for link generation. If you're an Enterprise user, you'll be able to generate the link for referral using your own domain now.

  • Separate referral page. We've also added an option for a separate referral page on your store. If added, it can then look like this:

  • No points, no tiers, no rewards option. For those who'd like to turn off the rewards for your referral program, we've added an option to turn them off. In this case, instead of the reward offer for the referral, your customers will see the message "Get praised by inviting your friends!".

Reward Updates

  • Spending rules tagging. In your Reward Spending Rules, you can now limit certain rewards for the customers based on their tag. In other words, the reward will apply only to those customers who have the tag that you've chosen. To do this, go to your Rewards app - Points - Spending points - New. Then click on the discount of your choice, go to More options and you'll see the tagging option.

  • API Rewards Earning Rules. In our API, you'll now be able to get a full list of the earning rules that your customers need to follow to get the reward. You can access both the rules (the goals) that were achieved and those that weren't.

Wishlist drag-and-drop function

The new feature allows your customer to easily move the products from one dashboard to another by simply clicking and navigating the product. The feature works on both desktop and mobile.

Growave Optimization

Finally, we've made a big but necessary decision to turn off some of the apps on our platform. This was done in order to maximize the quality of our product and services by narrowing our focus to fewer, but more essential apps.

So the two apps which we deleted were the Social Sharing and Automated Emails. It should be noted though that while you won't be able to access the Social Sharing function anymore, you've still got all of the functions from the Automated Emails, as they are still stored as a subcategory in your Wishlist and Reviews app. So the only difference with the Automated Emails is that you won't have the app directly on your dashboard anymore and instead will have it as a part of your other Growave apps.

Got any other questions on the updates or Growave in general? Feel free to jot us down at

Meanwhile, you can check out all of the updates on your dashboard here.

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