When creating a tier it's crucial to decide according to which of the available options to assign a tier.

There are 3 criteria: Points earned, Purchases made and Amount spent.

1. With Earn points criteria given, customers get the tiers for the amount of earned points. I.e. member gets the Bronze tier for earning/having 5000 points:

2. The Spent amount criteria allows customers to get the tiers for spending a specified amount of money on your site. I.e. member achieves the Bronze tier for spending $70 at your store:

3. Setting up the Purchases made criteria you let your customers achieve the tiers for the specified amount of purchases they made. I.e. member achieves the Bronze tier for making 10 purchases on your site:

Don't forget to set up the points multiplier in every tier.

NOTION: The criteria for earning the tier can be chosen only once and works for all of them. So, if you want to change the criteria later, you have to delete all the existing tiers and create new ones which lead to the loss of customers earned and multiplied points.

Since it makes it difficult to estimate different criteria at the same time, it was decided to keep one criterion for giving tiers so as to avoid confusion. Speaking of the terms, it's worth mentioning not only criteria to give tier, but also rewarding for reaching them. When adding a new tier it is possible to choose no reward, Points and discounts as a reward for the tier, then to choose their value. When editing the existing tier it is not possible to change neither the criteria to give nor the rewarding type once set, but only the value of the rewarding type (both for point and discounts). For more, check out this guide.

The tracking point for assigning tiers can be set up from the Rewards settings:

You may choose to track users from the moment the Rewards app was activated or from the first order on the store.

This is it for choosing the criteria for VIP tiers. For more details be sure to contact our team at support@growave.io.

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