The Members section of the Social login app helps you see the activity of the users such as leaving reviews, saving products to Wishlist, making purchases, receiving points or discounts.

There are other useful things that you can do in the user profiles such as editing the points balance, spending their points, resetting or manually assigning the VIP tiers, and refunding the redeemed discounts.

Let's view the user profile in detail below.

1. Explore the user Rewards and store activity and other information:

2. Edit the point balance and spent points of the user:

For more details be sure to check up on this guide.

3. Reset or manually assign a tier:

Visit these guides for more information:

How to manually assign VIP Tiers to members

How to manually reset VIP tiers of the members

4. Refund the redeemed discounts:

Learn how to proceed with un-redeeming discounts here.

If you have any additional questions you can always contact us at the email - or in chat. 😊

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