Growave team is happy to announce that we have released a pricing policy that will help shop owners get most of the Growave features depending on monthly order volumes made by the shop.

Our new pricing will vary for the shops with different order volumes. We believe that it will help newbies in the industry to expand and grow their businesses with useful apps such as Reviews, Rewards and Loyalty programs, Wishlist reminders, and many more, as well as to strengthen existing players in the industry with an additional boost.

The only limitation imposed on pricing is the number of orders per month.

Here is the list of all existing plans:

Basic $9 per month, up to 75 orders/monthly.

Starter $19 per month, up to 150 orders/monthly.

Small $29 per month, up to 250 orders/monthly.

Medium $49 per month, up to 500 orders/monthly.

Growth $99 per month, up to 1000 orders/monthly.

Large $199 per month, up to 2000 orders/monthly.

Enterprise $299 per month, up to 3500 orders/monthly.

If you are an established brand with more than 3500 monthly orders, you can contact us, so we can help you to pick a Custom plan.

Features' distribution by plans:

Starter, Small, Medium

Growth, Large


All apps




Custom action


Points at Checkout

Available (for Shopify Plus only)

Gift cards




Klaviyo, Omnisend integration



Boost campaign




Free product




API access


FAQs regarding our pricing policy:

1. What are your prices based on?

We have a simplified version of pricing with no surprises, and it is based on one simple thing: a number of your orders, based on which you choose a plan that suits you best.

2. Are there any setup fees or other charges?

No, there are no setup fees or any other hidden charges.

3. What if I want to cancel or change my plan?

Sure thing, you can cancel your subscription or move between plans at any time from our Pricing page.

4. Can someone help me set up Growave?

Yes, we will help you to integrate the wished features into your store absolutely for free. Moreover, we will support them throughout your journey with us.

5. What happens if I exceed the monthly order volume included in my plan?

If you exceed the monthly order volume for your plan on a regular basis, some features like sending Review request emails, Wishlist reminders, and other emails of Growave will be suspended after 3 months of exceeding the limit. This means you should make sure that you are on the most suitable plan for your store, and consider moving to a higher plan according to your current monthly orders.

P.S. Growave counts all Shopify orders, including orders made through Shopify POS. However, we do not count the extra orders if you have a big product launch or a sale coming soon.

Important: Emails that should be sent but were muted due to exceeding plan order limits will not be sent to your customers once you upgrade your plan.

6. What about test orders and orders that were refunded? Will they be included in the monthly order volume?

No, the test orders and orders with statuses: Refunded, Partially refunded will not be counted in the monthly order volume.

7. Does Growave support businesses with high order volumes?

Yes, we do have a solution for any order volume. Growave successfully supports big companies like Boeing, fast-growing brands around the world such as Unilever, Plant Essentials, Uniqso, SM Global shop, and many others.

8. What will happen to customers who are on current plans?

Nothing will change for them, they will continue to use the app with the same prices they signed up for. If they switch to the new pricing, then they will not be able to return back and will use the app according to the new pricing policy.

9. Does the trial period remain the same?

Yes, on plans like Starter, Small, Medium, Growth and Large, the trial will be 14 days. For the Enterprise plan, it is 30 days. When switching to a new plan when the limits on the current plan are reached, a trial is not provided.

10. What if I am selling low-margin products?

If you have a small commission on sales, but a large number of orders, then you need to contact us so that we can help you choose a suitable plan for you. Please, contact us at email -, and we will be happy to get back to you regarding your concern.

11. Will the annual plans remain in the new pricing?

Yes, annual plans will also be available for selection when choosing a plan, the discount on them remains the same - 20% off on any plan.

12. I have several shops and I want to install Growave on them. Will there be any discount?

Yes, we provide discounts for 3 shops in the amount of 20% off. If you have 4 shops then 25% off.

If there are any questions about pricing, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you! ❤️

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