Online stores without reviews seldom look trustworthy. That's why you should start collecting reviews as early as possible and as much as possible. In this article, we will talk about the best practices to obtain feedbacks effectively. Have fun😉!

Сustomer reviews are the most decisive factor when clients shop in your store, therefore it is very crucial to pay attention to collecting reviews and put extra effort. Here are the steps that must be taken into consideration:

  • Display the review widget

    The way to reduce the bounce rate is to showcase the review widget on your product page. User-generated content enriches your product descriptions and advises your customers if the product meets their expectations. Learn how to show the review widget here or let us know. Also, you can easily adapt the widget design according to your store’s atmosphere here or in the admin editor.

    By the way, while showcasing the review widget make sure that it is placed somewhere in the visible area, it should not take long for visitors to find testimonials.

  • Incentivize your beloved customers with Rewards for leaving a review

    This simple gesture can go a long way in motivating your customers to leave their feedback as well as get excited about your brand. Here is the way to set up a reward for leaving a review.

  • Activate review request emails

    Our analysis shows that more than 50%-60% of reviews are from emails reminders. A lot depends on how your email looks and what it contains. Adjust email style according to your website design and add your logo. Also, do not forget to mention your reward offer.

  • Enable at least two review reminders

    Did you know that 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review if they’re asked? That’s right, all you need to do is ask.

  • Schedule sending email according to your shipping

    It’s crucial to get the timing right. Send the review request too early and your customer may have not entirely experienced the product. Send the review email too late and the customer may have lost the initial excitement of their first use.

BONUS: The timing depends on your product and shipping period.

Here in Growave, we have integrated with shipping apps to improve your experience and help you to choose the best timing for requesting a review.

  • Track your review metrics

    Do not forget to keep tracking your review metrics. Watching the metrics you'll foresee whether your emails need some changes. If the open rate is too low, try adjusting the email subject line or timing. If the open rate is good but the click-through rate needs improvement, try updating the text and the look of the email to better fit your brand to attract your customers back to their buying experience.

  • Be sure to reply to all the new reviews

    Brands should never ignore customers’ testimonials be it negative or positive, rather should provide a personal approach and show how the review is valued. You can reply either publicly or privately and it can be done in your admin panel.

  • Combine Growave with other third-party apps

    PushOwl - send review requests via web push and reach your customers directly on their devices.

    Firepush - send review request emails with web push notifications via web browsers straight to customers' desktop or mobile even after they have left your site.

  • Collect reviews for old Shopify orders

    Here in Growave you have the opportunity to send review request emails for old Shopify orders, fulfilled prior to Growave's installation. Head up to the article to proceed further.

  • Manually invite your customers to leave a review

    We have a special page that will help you to collect reviews manually. You can share the link of that page on your social media, include it in your email campaigns, request review from your offline sales etc. You can find out more about it here.

BONUS: If you have quite a number of positive reviews you can show off with a Review badge and impress your visitors (at least 20 reviews)

BONUS 2: If you have extremely positive reviews and you’d like to highlight them and show them to your customers then mark those feedbacks as featured and display them in a slider on any of your pages.

Here is the way to show a review slider

In conclusion, in the world of digital marketing, people want advice from a real person, when thinking about a purchase. Thereon collecting reviews is vital for merchants. Get started by putting these tips into practice today and tomorrow you will reap the benefits.

Hope it was helpful and interesting. If you have questions or something to add please reach us out at or via live chat.

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