When you get an email bounce, don't fret. GrowthGenius automatically tracks this and helps guard against this as much as we can. 

Bounced emails don't necessarily mean that the email address is invalid. There are a lot of other reasons why it could have bounced, here are some of those reasons:

Bounced emails to the same organization
Even though an email looks valid, there's a very slight chance (0.5%) that a verified email will bounce especially when you email the same organization. This occurs because we're not able to run validations with organizations that have multiple layers of email servers.

Bounced emails from email provider
You can also sometimes get a bounce from your own email provider. In this case, your email provider is throttling the number of emails you can send within a certain timeframe.  automatically pauses messages, but may not in certain conditions.

It's best to check with your email provider what the throttle limit is, especially if you're running multiple active campaigns with large sets of contacts. 

Bounced email notifications appearing in your Spam folder and not in the same email thread
If you're seeing a bounced status for contacts in your sequence, but not seeing the bounced notification in the same email thread, it's likely in your Spam folder. Sometimes the bounced notification won't appear in the same email thread and will be sent as a separate email so be sure to check your Spam folder to see if it landed there.

Organization enforced rulesIn some cases, the employee must reach out to you first before you can communicate with them via email. This is to help prevent their employees against phishing attacks but is also an unfortunate reason an email can bounce back.

You've been blocked by the organizationThis happens very rarely. However, if the receiving organization reports you to their IT team, there's a high chance they may add you their own company's block list. If that happens, a bounce will occur with a reason saying so.

If you're confused about why an email bounced or want more information about the bounce, feel free to forward the email to will@growthgenius.com and get in touch with us through Intercom (the live chat bubble on the bottom right).

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