What is Mobile Data Management?

Good question. In short, it's "access permissions" for any device (phone, computer) that is accessing your email account.

Great, how do I fix it?

First, try:

  • In the GrowthGenius platform, disconnect and then reconnect your sending email

    1. Go here

    2. Under "Sending Email", click "change sending email"

    3. Enter your sending email credentials

    4. Click "Authenticate"

If that doesn't work, you might need to approve a mobile device first:

For Gmail:

For Outlook / Microsoft 365:

Why does this issue arise?

When a new device connects to your email account (computer, phone, etc), permission needs to be given to the device to access your email data.

For 99.9% of our users, these permissions will be given automatically.

However, when you connect a new device, for a very brief moment that device is "blocked" until Google or Outlook automatically approves it.

Sometimes during that brief moment, our system catches the "blocked" error. It's fixed with the instructions above!

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