Our current prices can be seen below and we've given a bit of detail on why and how we've come to these prices:

Recipe box type

Weekly Price

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Our plant-based recipe boxes will arrive at your doorstep every Tuesday unless you make changes within your account and you will be charged on Saturday morning to allow us time to dig up your produce for packing on Monday to ensure maximum freshness!

We have tried to make our prices as fair and reasonable as possible, whilst ensuring we're doing things the right way not the cheapest way, particularly when it comes to sustainable packaging, produce and delivery. We don't make big margins on our boxes and we're continuously investing in making everything we do better and more sustainable so you can get Grubby and feel great about it!

Here's a few highlights:

  • We don't skimp on portion sizes - you'll often have leftovers for lunch.

  • Our our pods are biodegradable.

  • All our tins are organic.

  • All our London boxes are delivered by bike.

  • We work with family run British Farms and producers.

  • We donate a meal to a child in poverty for every box sold.

We believe you should know exactly what you get when you order from Grubby so here's a little break down of our costs:

Giving back

  • We donate a meal to child in poverty for every box we deliver, which is 100% covered by us!

  • Any leftover boxes each week are given to London food banks to ensure nothing goes to waste and hungry mouths get some plant-based goodness.

Ingredients - 60%

  • We use British organic produce wherever possible.

  • We avoid mass produced fresh ingredients and work with only the best-of-the best suppliers.

  • All tins are organic.

Delivery - 15%

  • We work with low-emission carbon neutral couriers only.

  • All our London delivers are completed by PedalMe on pedal bike.

Packaging - 10%

  • We currently have a small and hard working packing team that we pay fairly to make sure all the right things land in your box.

  • All employees at Grubby are paid well above London living wage.

  • Our boxes are made from recycled FSC certified materials.

  • We try to use plastic alternatives wherever possible in our packaging, such as compostable punnets.

Recipe development and team - 15%

  • We try to put a lot of thought and passion into each of our dishes, so every single one comes packed with flavour and the nutrients you need.

  • We have a small internal team to manage our recipe development, operations and technology.

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