Note: Metafields can only be created on the Main account

Push the cogwheel icon on the top right of your screen to open Settings

Choose Metafields from the left-hand menu

Click on the New Metafield button on the top right of your screen to open the editing panel

  • Write your account name in the Namespace field - use small letters
  • Add a Label (name) - the label has to start with a capital letter
  • Add a Key (matches the Label) - use small letters and write the words together
  • Determine the value type - string, integer, decimal or choice

Note: To create a drop-down menu as a value type, pick Choice and write the options on a separate row

  • Check the boxes in front of the options you wish to activate and save the metafield

The new metafield will now be shown on your task creation page 


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