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Email tags for use by Mews customers
Email tags for use by Mews customers

All of the auto-populating tags you can include in your emails

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When editing emails, there is a standard list of tags available you're able to use in order to personalise the email's content:

These tags are the ones that are common to (essentially) any PMS.

However as a Mews customer, the following additional tags are available to include in your GuestJoy emails to further personalise the content:



Mews reservation ID


Room type name


Number of nights


Pax in reservation


How to use these tags

  1. Copy the tag you want to use from this article.

  2. Go back to your email, and place your cursor where you want the tag to appear.

  3. Paste the tag by pressing CTRL + V (Command + V on Mac), or, right click your mouse and select Paste.

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