1. Click on My Account submenu - located under your picture/initial on the top menu.


Click on the Surveys tab on the left

In the top My Surveys section select the"+" sign next to the “Add a new survey” to start a new survey. This view also allows you to see which of your custom surveys are completed and which are available to your families.

Step 1: Provide Survey Information. The Survey Name is what is shown in the Survey menu dropdown and also in the upper left of the custom survey page. The Complete checkbox designates that the survey is complete and ready for students or connections to see. The survey description will go into the upper right hand box of the survey page. This description should be fairly short and can include line breaks.

Step 2: Select “Add a New Section” to get to step 2. Provide Section Information. The Section Name is the text that will be the links in the upper left hand box of the survey page that the user will click on to take the survey. The section instructions are shown on the view and edit pages of the survey and gives the user specific directions to follow when taking the survey. The Section Name is required, but the instructions are not required. Select “Add a New Question” to get to Step 3.

Step 3: Provide Question Information. Four different types of questions can be used; short answer, paragraph answer, multiple choice, or short answer and multiple choice, which has a 2 part answer. The last option is for a section header, which will just put in a divider to help section off questions for better organization. The choices for a multiple choice question can be typed into the text box and then select “Add choice”. These choices can be True, False, Yes, No, Blue, Green, Red, etc.

Question types displayed below:

When you finish creating a question you will click save and you will be returned to step 2. Questions are added one at a time, but questions can be copied and sections can also be copied for efficiency. The up and down arrows allow questions or sections to be reordered. Sections and questions can also be edited and deleted using the icons in the right column.

To view a survey before making the survey available to users, advisors can see incomplete surveys on the Survey dropdown menu. Other users will NOT see the survey until it is completed and explicitly made available. The Summary of each survey will show both questions that are answered and any required question, whether or not it has been answered yet.

GuidedPath allows only one survey to be taken per student record. A copy survey feature is available if a survey is desired for both a student and a connection of the student. Custom surveys that are created use the same format as the existing Find My Spark and EFC Calculator surveys. To better understand the layout of a survey before creating one, it may be useful to review the structure of these existing surveys. Note the survey description in the upper right hand box and the sections that contain the questions.

Both custom surveys and surveys that come with the GuidedPath product (such as Find My Spark, EFC Calculator, College Match, and many others) can be made available to students and connections or hidden, so that they cannot be accessed. To manage surveys, select the "Make surveys available for use" from the My Account, and select the vertical tab labeled Survey.

The section labeled "Completed Survey Availability" will show all the GuidedPath provided surveys AND any custom surveys that are completed. Note that incomplete surveys cannot be made available to students and connections. However, incomplete surveys ARE available to advisors with administrative privileges to assist with the creation and review of the custom survey. When the survey is ready for students and connections, the survey must be marked as complete. To do this, select the edit (pencil) icon next to the survey name and then check the "Completed" box on the first page and Save.

Advisors with administrative privileges can identify the surveys to be shown to students and connections under the Survey menu item by selecting the checkbox on the "Completed Survey Availability" table. Remember to select "Save changes" after updating the checkboxes. A message or assignment can be made to direct specific users to take the survey and optionally specify a due date. Users can use the survey sharing features to limit access to responses. Survey sharing allows any user to make the completed survey private or share it with one or more advisors.

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