GuidedPath provides the option for advisors to add a set of custom menu items to the top menu bar just to the right of Decisions. You can specify the name of the top menu item (the default name is Tools) and can add submenus that will bring up other webpages within GuidedPath.

The menus and contents that you specify will be available to all your advisors, students and connections. If you want to turn the menu off, then delete all the websites in the Custom Menu table.

Note that some websites do not allow you to embed their content within applications like GuidedPath. Examples of these include Google (although you can include a viewable shared Google calendar), Dropbox, Paypal, Common App and Facebook. In addition, only secure websites (those starting with https://) can be added. If you specify a non-secure websites, or a blocked website, you will simply get a blank page.

Click to see examples of how custom menus can be used.

How to use the Custom Menus

To add custom menus, select the Custom Menu tab from My Account. Specify the name of the top level menu item that will be after Decisions on the main menu bar. Ideas include "Tools" or your organization name, if it is short enough. Be sure to Save the changes. Add menu items in into the table and Save Changes when complete. Be sure to Save Changes even after deleting rows. Remember that only secure webpages (those that start with https://) and ones that are not blocked will work. Return out of My Account to see the added webpages.

Note: You can check the box to make your new custom menu visible only to Advisors! Leave it unchecked for students to see.

To test the webpages, select the new menu items to verify the structure and ensure the pages load. The submenus are always in alphabetical order. If you want to force one to the top, you can add a space before the text. Be sure to keep the top level menu short as the top line is limited in space.

If the website allows you include it in GuidedPath, your page will look like this. If the website denies this access, then the page will be blank.

To turn the custom menu off, remove the name of the top level menu item at the top of the Custom Menus tab and Save Changes.

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