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Essays: GuidedPath & Prompt Partnership
Essays: GuidedPath & Prompt Partnership
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Who is Prompt?

Prompt’s mission is to make students better writers. Since its founding in 2014, Prompt has helped thousands of students improve their college essays through their web-based tools and content and their global network of writing specialists. Prompt’s users have been accepted to every top-50 university and have earned millions in scholarships. They have a stellar reputation and many advisors speak very highly of their offerings. This new integration is extremely exciting.

Are essay questions provided to advisors at no cost?

Yes, plus more! Essay questions (e.g., personal statements, personal insight questions) are available to advisors, students and all other GuidedPath users at no cost. This includes special programs, majors, and scholarships. You can find the essay prompts on the College Profile page under the Essays tab. The updated prompts indicate the year (ie. 2020) so you can make sure you are looking at the current essay prompts.

Is Prompt available from within GuidedPath?

Yes! When a student, parent or advisor logs in, the essay questions are available on the College Profile pages in GuidedPath.

If enabled by the advisor, other Prompt services are available from the top menu bar as a dropdown in GuidedPath just to the right of the Decisions menu. Advisors and their students have access to all of Prompt’s capabilities from within GuidedPath.

How do I enable Prompt to use their additional services?

Advisors with admin privileges can enable Prompt in their Organization Configuration.

  1. Login to GuidedPath.  Click on your name and then My Account from the dropdown in the upper right-hand side of the screen.   

2. Click on "Organization Configuration".
3. Scroll down to the Prompt Essay Management section
4. Choose "Enable"
5. Click on Save
6. The Prompt Essay Management will be a new menu item under Tools on the upper menu. The Tools menu item is on the top menu just to the right of Decisions. 

Will a separate login for Prompt be required?

No. Logging into GuidedPath automatically logs advisors and students into Prompt, provided advisors have Prompt enabled. Users can access Prompt from the top menu within GuidedPath, under the custom menu (by default this is named Tools).

Does Prompt offer other features? 

Prompt offers features that help advisors manage the application writing process and help students craft better applications. These features include a Personalized Assignment List with every assignment for every school on a student’s school list, tools for helping students create their content strategy and essay outlines, tools for efficiently reviewing essays, and access to Prompt’s global network of writing specialists. These features are optional and have costs associated with them, but provide power and flexibility to advisors and families.

How much flexibility will be available for the add-on features?

Prompt can be customized in just a few minutes to exactly how each advisor works. It is designed to work for advisors with just a few students to hundreds of students.

  1. Select which students have access (e.g., seniors)

  2. Select the application writing tools you want to provide to students

  3. Customize your essay management settings

  4. Turn on or off Essay Review through Prompt for specific students, assignments, or schools on a student's list.

What about organizing all the essays?

The most requested features offered by Prompt are its Personalized Assignment List, Content Strategy Tool, and Essay Support Tools, which can be paid for and added to a student’s account. Prompt creates a personalized list of all required essays based on a student’s school list. Using Prompt’s Content Strategy Tool automatically optimizes the essays to write by recommending prompts and topics for each based on a student’s profile.. Prompt then provides students with resources for developing an overall content strategy for their applications as well as developing outlines for each essay. Advisors and students use the Personalized Assignment List to track progress on essays and manage the essay review process.

Can I get a report with all essays for a student’s college list?

Yes, the Personalized Assignment List add-on feature includes a report to share- or export to send to families.

Does Prompt help with the review of essays?

You bet! Prompt provides advisors with three options:

  1. Use Prompt’s Essay Management tools for advisors or their editors to manage the review process while making up documents in Word or Google Docs.

  2. Use Prompt’s Essay Review Tools to decrease review time by 40%.

  3. Use Prompt’s global network of writing specialists to provide feedback on some or all of your students’ essays. You have the option to review and approve all feedback before it goes back to the student.

How are due dates handled for essay reviews?

Prompt recommends due dates for drafts and final versions of each essay on a student’s Personalized Assignment List.

What if my students need extra help with their essay?

Advisors can choose to send an essay to Prompt and receive a review from an essay specialist within 48 hours under the advisor’s brand.

Sample Student Intuitive Ivan

Prompt comes with a sample student named Intuitive Ivan, which allows you to navigate the platform and test out its functions from an advisor's perspective.

How will I learn how to use the new essay features?

Prompt offers consultation calls, has a guided tour for new users, and provides access to videos and other help features from within Prompt’s platform.

For additional questions regarding how to use Prompt Essay Management tools, please see the Prompt writing center or contact their support team at

What is the schedule for learning about Prompt?

Learn about the Prompt platform by signing up for a webinar. Click here for the webinar schedule OR to watch a recorded webinar. Click here to log into GuidedPath and get started with Prompt.

Is there any training for GuidedPath students on how to use Prompt?

When a student first logs in, he or she is taken on a guided tour of the Prompt system (e.g., how to use the Personalized Assignment List, how to upload documents). When a student visits a new section, Prompt provides instructions along the way. An expansive Help section and hover text provide further guidance.

How much does it cost for the add-on features?

You can see details on pricing by clicking here to visit Prompt’s site. These costs are paid directly to Prompt.

Need Additional Assistance?

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