The Decision Dashboard provides an overview of the student's college decisions:

  • At a glance view of college responses in an easy to read graph

  • Calendar of upcoming college admissions dates

  • Visual graph of scholarships, grants and other financial aid being offered

My Next Step

The students next step will be indicated here.  The default plan is "undecided".  Plans can be updated on the My Decision Details page.  They may choose from the following:  Undecided, 4-year college, 2-year college, Gap Year, Military Service, Enter the Workforce, Volunteer/Service

 College Responses

This graph indicates how many responses of varied types the student has received.  (Accepted, Not Accepted, Deferred, etc)  Hovering over different sections of the graph to see a list of schools that pertain to that response type.    


College Notifications

The upper right College Notifications box shows the dates that schools plan to provide a decision to the student. These dates can be manually updated from the My Decision Details page. Schools are listed until a response has been registered (accepted, not accepted, etc) on the My Decision Details page.

Accepted Colleges - Financial Aid Breakdown

This graph lists the colleges that have been marked as "accepted" along with their total costs including a breakdown of the entered financial aid package for the first year.    All financial aid details can be entered on the My Decision Details page.   

The graph will breakdown expenses into these subcategories:

  • out-of-pocket

  • other awards

  • work study

  • parent loans

  • student loans

  • scholarships

  • grants

Read more about entering Decision Details and viewing Cost Comparisons.

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