Cost Comparison

The Cost Comparison is similar to the Net Price Estimates, but these are done after decisions are added in Decision Details for each college and so the numbers are based on actual financial aid awards offered to the student rather than college reported data. The Cost Comparisons can be used when making the final decision on which college to attend and to evaluate and compare the overall estimated cost based on graduation in 4 or 6 years.  A 5% cost increase is assumed per year.

While looking at the Cost Comparisons, the college name link under the college selection boxes can be clicked to directly to the Decisions Details for that college. The award package received by the student should be added into the Decisions Details and these figures will then be reflected in the Cost Comparison grid. NOTE: only the annual amount is used in the cost comparisons, not the total amount of the award. 

The ratings are provided to assist in the analysis of the numbers by providing visual comparisons. In the Net Price Estimates, the key rating is the Net Price Rating in the top row. This rating takes into consideration both the percent of need met and also the average number of students with need fully met. It's important to look at this combination of both these numbers to understand the student's award potential - this rating provides that. 

Up to 4 colleges can be selected and compared at one time. If more than 4 are to be compared, the print button can be used to save a PDF or create a hardcopy.

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Additional information about each row can be seen by placing your cursor over the row label in the left column to see an explanation of the source of the data and sometimes the calculations as well.


Watch a video of net price estimates and cost comparisons:


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