Survey Dashboard

Click on the Surveys tab on the main menu at the top or hover over the Surveys Tab and choose the "Survey Dashboard".

Use the Survey Dashboard to easily see how many surveys have been completed.

Surveys Types

Surveys are organized on the dashboard into the following types: Learn, Explore, Record and Custom.


The learn category contains our surveys that provide analysis.  View the student's results right on the Survey Dashboard:

  • EFC Calculator 

  • College Match

  • Find My Spark

  • Learning Styles


  • Athletic Worksheet

  • Design a College

  • Getting 2 Know U

  • Parent Questionaire


  • Activity Summary

  • Course Plan

  • Letters of Recommendation


  • Create your own survey

  • Use in place of a GuidedPath survey

  • Learn more about Custom surveys here

Open any survey from the dashboard by clicking on its colored box.  Note:   Only contributors have access to surveys.


List of Surveys in GuidedPath

These surveys are included in GuidedPath. In addition, custom surveys may be added by advisors and all surveys can be turned on or off.

Activity Record: The Activity Record is the place to track extracurricular activities and have information in one place to help with your college applications. These activities can be associated with your high school or be outside the school.

Athletic Worksheet: Going to college to play a sport is popular. The reason you’re choosing to play a sport will be different from your friend’s or team-mate’s reasons. Use this worksheet to identify your strengths both as a student and as an athlete. Then, use your strengths as part of your college search and applications.

EFC Calculator: Funding college is not a one size fits all proposition. Families need to know how their unique family situation fits into the financial aid process. The EFC Calculator takes each family’s unique family situation in account to generate a specialized strategy for reducing college costs. The EFC Calculator identifies families as being in one of three categories. Specialized strategies for each category are provided to families, giving them an opportunity to plan and maximize college options.  The EFC Calculator assigns a Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that are used in Guided Search results.   The EFC can also be entered into the student's profile (without taking the survey). Note:  The EFC Calculator was previously called the College Affordability Shaper.

College Match: This survey is from College Match: A Blueprint for Choosing the School for You, Dr. Steven R. Antonoff's how-to guide for students and parents. The purpose of College Match is to help students find colleges where they will be happy and successful.

College Visit Snapshot:  Survey created by Cyndy McDonald. This survey provides a repository for student's to reflect, rate and save their thoughts on recent college visits.

Course Plan: Planning your school courses from 9th-12th grades will help you take the right courses for college. Use this survey to match your course selections to course requirements of competitive 4 year colleges/universities.

Design a College: The Design a College survey was written by Wendie Lubic, The College Lady, who is an Independent Educational Consultant in Washington DC. This survey helps identify the student's priorities and desires to help find that great college fit.

Find My Spark: A personality assessment such as the Find My Spark ™ college survey is an excellent method for helping students discover their better developed personality characteristics and preferred learning style. A personality assessment can help the advisor and the student choose good schools, majors and careers that fit a student’s natural tendencies.   The Find My Spark results are used in Guided Searches.   If a student already knows their results, they can enter them in their profile, without having to take the survey.

Getting 2 Know U: This is a personal survey about your preferences and personality. Each question asks you about a set of “2” items. This survey is designed to start a discussion, with your advisor, friends and/or parents.

Learning Styles:  Do you want to spend less time studying and get better grades? Would you like to know how you learn best? Take the GuidedPath Learning Styles Survey (TM) to learn more about how you learn best. The survey results will give you a list of study skills to best match your personal learning style. It shows you how to study smarter, not more. The survey will measure 3 dimensions of your learning style: RECEPTIVE, SOCIAL and EXPRESSIVE. The RECEPTIVE is how you learn, what grabs your attention. Your SOCIAL style is about how you prefer to organize your studying. EXPRESSIVE refers to your preferred method of sharing what you have learned.

Letter of Recommendation Survey: Give students added help in getting quality recommendations using the Recommendation Survey. A robust survey, students reflect and write about personal experiences in each teacher's classroom. Going deep and providing an online tool to record and track this, makes student recommendations stronger.  Read The Three Steps to Outstanding Recommendations.

Parent Questionnaire: Now you can gather information from parents online, to have available with each student's profile. Compiled by Becky Heinemann, from a survey of other college advisors. Most questions are thought questions for the parents to reflect and respond too. Very valuable for all advisors.


Starting and Completing a Survey

The surveys all have similar navigation and functions. The Find My Spark Survey and the EFC Calculator have one additional advisor feature to lock and unlock the results of the survey, prior to a student or connection viewing the results. 

  1. To begin, hover over the Surveys tab on the main menu at the top and click on the survey to be completed.  Surveys can also be accessed from the Survey Dashboard.

  2. Once a survey is selected, to begin the survey from the beginning, click on the start button.   Note:    Only contributors will be able to take surveys.   Connections with a "supporter" role have a view only access.

You can also click into a chosen section directly by clicking on the Section Title in the Summary Tab or the Survey Progress Tab.

3.  Move easily between sections by clicking on 'Save and Next' or 'Save and Previous' buttons.  Once the survey is saved, you can leave and return to the survey to complete it at a later time.

4.  When all required questions are answered results can be seen for the Learn Surveys: Find My Spark Survey, College Match, EFC Calculator, and Learning Style Survey.  

   Note: For the Find My Spark and EFC Calculator, Advisors will also need to make sure the survey is unlocked in order for other users to see the results. This can be done by clicking the lock icon button. If a user has the privileges to see the results, they will appear on the bottom half of the screen.    



Privacy Settings on a Survey

On all surveys a parent, student or advisor can make the survey private or limit who can see it.

The sharing settings "Who Can See This Survey" can be found above the lock/unlock button and can be selected by an advisor, student or connection that has access to the survey.  

The following settings are available:

Shared:  This means that all account types will be able to take and review the survey.

Private:  If you select this option, only the user selecting this option will have the ability to take and review the survey.  

With Advisor:  This will allow only the advisor and student to view the survey questions, answers, and results but blocks this information from other contributors and supporters.  

With Contributors:  This will allow the student and other contributors to view the survey questions, answers, and results but blocks this information from other supporters.  

When to Assign a Survey - Surveys the GuidedPath Way

Wondering about the value of surveys in your work as a college advisor? Interested in learning more about the different types of surveys in GuidedPath?

Download the "Surveys the GuidedPath Way" document where we explain our approach to surveys.


Survey Printing

Survey responses and/or analysis can be printed using the Print button in the upper right.  Survey responses and/or analysis can also be printed from the Reports menu.

From the student's Survey page:

From the Reports Page on the left navigation menu:


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