Why is GuidedPath closing down?

Due to changing global economic conditions, PlanMyCollege (the parent company of GuidedPath) has decided to close the GuidedPath product and move in a new direction. We’re very grateful to the clients who have supported us for many years and we’re proud of the product, service, and professional development that we have provided for independent educational consultants through GuidedPath.

What can I expect between now and September 30?

GuidedPath will continue operation until September 30. You can expect continued access to the full platform until our end date. Additionally, the support team will be available to answer questions and help you with the transition to a new platform during that time.

You should plan ahead to transition to a new platform before September 30. We encourage you to explore other technology solutions and consult with us on questions you may have.

What about billing?

Billing has been suspended on all accounts - you will not see further invoices from GuidedPath, even though you will have full access until September 30. Our annual account holders who have paid in advance will receive a pro-rated refund.

What will happen to my account after September 30?

After September 30, all accounts and associated data will be deleted.

What platform should I use next?

Each consultant has unique business and counseling needs, so where you go next is a personal decision. We have created a Technology Assessment Guide (LINK to edited article in Infusionsoft or Intercom) to help you evaluate your needs and compare the features that you were accustomed to in GuidedPath with other products.

Other college planning platforms are providing our users with new account options and assistance in making the transition. These are all quality, trusted companies we feel confident will serve your needs well.

How will I get my data from GuidedPath?

Export Tool Being Developed (updated 8/5/2020)

We know one of your primary concerns is what will happen with your data in GuidedPath. The GuidedPath development team is almost finished with a data export tool. It will be a one-click button in your account you can use to export all your data. We hope to have that available to you early next week (week of Aug 10th). We will email when it is available with step-by-step instructions on how to export your data. Any tool or platform you are migrating to should be willing to work with you to help get your data imported as easily as possible.

Existing Reports

Until then, we encourage you to use the existing GuidedPath reports and page prints to export information either as a PDF or Excel file.

Structure of Data Export

Your data will be exported using csv files, into folder you can view and manage. We have been working with all the other platform on the upcoming data export. Click on the link below for more data export details.

I am a Prompt user, how will I access my Prompt account?

GuidedPath Prompt users will be transitioned to standalone Prompt accounts. This will allow IECs to keep their current and past students and all Prompt data, and continue using Prompt without any service interruption as they leave GuidedPath. All IECs will get a white-labeled version of the Prompt platform (at editate.com) where they and their students can login with email and password. Prompt will send account invitations to (active) users so that they can set their password.

Additional questions about your Prompt account can be emailed to support@prompt.com.

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