We know practices change, and you may need to move from GuidedPath to another platform. GuidedPath has a tool that makes moving your data easy.

How to use the exported data:

  • Keep as historical record

  • Provide data to a new platform to import for your account

Note: if you only want the data for your own use, you can utilize all of the existing reports available within GuidedPath. The export tool will provide data in csv format (spreadsheet), and is not as user-friendly to read. The csv files are necessary for other platforms to import your data.

RECOMMENDATION: Keep an original copy of all of your exported data. Then you will have your original records to compare with migrated data.

What data will be exported?

Student Data (active, prospects and archived students):

  • Advisor Notes

  • Appointment Info

  • Assignment Info

  • College Discussions

  • College Information Report

  • College Match

  • Detailed Invoice Data

  • Survey Data Analysis & Questions/Answers

  • Messages

  • My Chances

  • College Lists

  • College Progress

  • Test Requirements

  • Test Scores

Advisor Data:

  • Group ACT/SAT Scores

  • Advisor List

  • Application Deadlines/Distribution

  • Awards by College/Student

  • Charges and Balances

  • College Chances

  • College Configurations (College Notes and College App Plans)

  • Custom Menu list

  • Custom Surveys

  • GPA report

  • Outcome Summary/by College/by Student

  • Upcoming & Overdue Assignments/Application Milestones

  • Resources List

  • Scheduled Tests

  • Student Categories

  • Student Connections

  • Student List

  • Future Appointments/ No Appointments

  • Survey Status

  • Tagged Lists

How to Export my Data from GuidedPath

1. Login to GuidedPath

2. On the top menu, under your picture/initial click on My Account

3. Click on Organization Information and scroll to the bottom.

4. Click on the blue button "Export Data".

You will receive an email (may take up to one hour to process) that has a link to download the data export.

5. Click the link to download the file. It will be named with your organization id and the current data and time along with the extension of ZIP.

6. Copy this file from your download location to a separate folder on your computer.

7. To view the data, double click on the xxxxx.ZIP file to extract all the files.

The data file you receive by email is a snapshot of the data that exists in GuidedPath at the time you clicked the "Export Data" button. If you make updates in GuidedPath after you run the data export tool, you will need to use the export again to get a new file that reflects those changes. You can use the data export as many times as you need.

How is the data organized in the Data Export?

There will be multiple folders within the Data Export file.

Organization ID Folder

  • student folders (folder names start with the status of the student - Active, Archived, etc, followed by the student name and their student id)

  • advisor reports folder

  • Maia Folder - this folder contains the templates Maia can use to load your initial data

  • CPP Folder - this folder contains the templates CPP can use to load your initial data

Organization ID by Advisor Folder

Same data as the Organization ID Folder, but divided into primary advisor folders

Other Platforms

  • Other platforms will not have a separate folder. They will utilize the files in the main folder of the ZIP file.

Download your data using existing reports

Use the existing features within GuidedPath to run and download reports and page prints to export information either as a PDF or Excel file. These formats are good to use for your own reference, but may not be the best format to import to a new platform.

Need Help?

Most college planning platforms can help you migrate data to their platform. If you need help, email support@guidedpath.net.

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