We are pleased to announced that GuidedPath has been purchased by MaiaLearning. IECs no longer need to be concerned about GuidedPath disappearing. The same GuidedPath team - Cyndy, Andrea, and Jen - will continue to serve users with the high level of support you are accustomed to.

What is the future of GuidedPath?

GuidedPath will continue to operate as the product you know! Our first order of business is to update the college data, deadlines and the Fiske data that we have licensed. Eventually all of the features in GuidedPath will be merged into MaiaLearning, to create a superior product with an even better user experience. We will do so in a methodical way, and keep you all informed on the progress.

Do I still need to export my data?

All your data can remain in GuidedPath. The only reason to export is for back up purposes or to move to another platform.

Can I add new students into GuidedPath now?

Yes, please! Add new students and families into GuidedPath. You should continue to use GuidedPath in the same ways you have in the past.

What about support? Is GuidedPath still committed to support?

Yes. GuidedPath and MaiaLearning are strongly aligned in their commitment to providing impeccable customer support.

What if I have already started moving to another platform?

Your data is still live in GuidedPath. We will not cancel or delete any accounts until we resume billing on November 1. If you decide you still want to move to another platform, we support you in that too. You should plan to complete that move by November 1 unless you wish to resume paying your normal monthly rate for GuidedPath.

Will the college data in GuidedPath be updated?

Yes, the technology team is working on updating the college data. Due to the recent sale of Wintergreen Orchard House to Peterson's, it will take more time to get the data updated.

When will billing start again for GuidedPath?

Billing will resume on November 1. Monthly and annual rates will remain the same for GuidedPath based on the number of active students in your account. You can view those rates online -

  1. Monthly rates for IECs
  2. Annual rates for Schools and Organizations

Contact support@guidedpath.net if you have any billing questions.

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